Thursday, October 6, 2016


Since we last left off during Jack's 2015 (!!) Heart and Sole 5K, I thought it would be fitting to update this blog with the latest race both Jack and Zoey ran - The Jared Coones Memorial Pumpkin Run Walk.

For Jack, this was just another 5K - I believe his fifth. For Zoey, however, this year was going to be different. She had waited until third grade to be able to join Running Club...and then we moved. Our new school requires kids to be at least fourth grade to join Running Club.

--Cue tears--

None to worry! Trav to the rescue. He's been training for Jack for years and decided he would run with Z. Problem solved! The three of them spent most evenings running, jogging and otherwise trying to get into 5K shape.

The day before the big race, we were preparing dinner when Trav called. That alone isn't a rarity, but this was - he had been rear-ended. We'll save that post for another day, but the moral of the story is that he was in no shape to run in the race.

--Cue more tears--

Thankfully, we decided to let Z run with her old school and J run with his new one. Confused yet?

In a true confession, I completely missed Zoey at the state. I did catch her at the finish though! We are so proud of both kids for crossing that finish line. Here's to the next race!