Monday, January 5, 2015

2014 in review

January -- we froze...literally. It was Polar Vortex cold, meaning we really didn't take many photos. At all. There was, of course, one exception -- the Super Bowl! Our beloved Broncos made it (though didn't show up for the game), but that didn't stop us from practicing our nail art for some Bronco-pride:

February -- more of the same. It looked like Hoth and felt like Hoth. What did we do? We used Jack's Star Wars toys to make our own Hoth scene!
 After we thawed for a few weeks, we also had a Father/Daughter Dance!

March --we celebrated Trav's birthday (photos not included) and enjoyed the (slightly) warmer weather with trips to the park.  In other words, we were defrosting our bodies from the frigid winter.

April -- We really hit the ground running in April, taking in plenty of activities from Zoey's ballet recital...

to hiking at Tallgrass Prairie...

to sticking our feet in the cold waters of the Kansas river...

to exploring the wonders of Topeka...

to celebrating Easter...

to hosting our own version of "Chopped"... was a busy month!

May -- our schedules slowed down again in May, as odd as it seems. Both kids wrapped up their Kindergarten and second grade years, and we dealt with the warmer temperatures by enjoying a foot fountain.

 June -- Sam and Not-So-Baby Aaron came to Kansas for a few weeks, meaning we were able to introduce Aaron to the finer points of Kansas City.

And Sam met her birth mother and siblings! It's still crazy to think that Sam is the OLDEST of the bunch.

 July -- We celebrated America's birthday...

...and mine

And though the weather was unseasonably cool (no complaints), we finally made it into a pool. our pool had been out of commission for about 2 months at this point:

 For Jack, his highlight was getting a signed photo back from Harrison Ford!

August -- It was back-to-school chaos, including a shaving cream party at our church.

September -- It may have been birthday month, but I sadly have no photos from either party. Zoey had a bunch of friends over for a swim party (our pool was FINALLY back working by mid-July) and Jack took his buds for a few rounds of laser tag. I do have photos from the sunflower field though!

October -- More fun! We picked pumpkins...

Zoey cheered with the big girls...

Jack ran his first 5K...

And Harry Potter and friends stopped by on Halloween!

November -- Things picked up in November, but we still made time to play in the leaves.

December --We wrapped up the year with more fun. Jack dressed to impress his girlfriend, Abby:

And Zoey learned the finer points of being crazy:

We celebrated Christmas with this little guy...

...and capped off the year with our first ride in a limo!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Whoops! We forgot...

Actually, I forgot.

First we were going to take holiday photos at a portrait studio. Then we were going to mail out a few Christmas cards and digitally send the rest.

Then we kind of lost track of time.

Then I made too many and couldn't decide which one was better.

So, without further delay, Merry Christmas from my family to yours!