Sunday, November 9, 2014

Thankful for my husband

I believe firmly that in this day and age of Pinterest and an overload of web "advice," too much of this so-called "advice" is actually wrong. It's all about how boyfriends or husbands can be better for their girlfriends or wives. Sorry men - it's all on you at this point.

I'm not even going all feminist on anyone who reads this blog. I enjoy being loved just like anyone, but I think the point has been lost.

So to combat all of that, I'm going to dedicate this blog post to one very special guy -- my husband.

He's goofy:
I mean, really goofy:
He's still madly in love with me (photo credit: Jordan Photography):
And is just one heck of a great father to our kiddos:
And our cat (no, Walter did not actually partake in our dinner):
I'll admit it right here and now that he's far from perfect (as am I), but even so, I thank God every single day I get to spend with him on this earth. He doesn't need a guide to make him a better husband nor would it even help. Conforming to what the Interwebz consider "romantic" or "awesome" just isn't how he - nor I - operate.

Did I mention he still brings me flowers each week, even when I'm away on business (as was the case with this snapshot)?
But in the end, it's not about the flowers. Or the backrubs. Or running downstairs to reheat my rice bag (read: CHEAP HEATING PAD). He will bend over backwards to make sure our family has what it needs to thrive, even if that means putting aside his own insecurities or opinions.

As an added bonus, he's a true math nerd. He's already taught Zoey what Avogadro's number is and the acceleration of gravity. He's given Jack a unique love of Star Wars that just cannot be matched.

So I'm not just happy to be married to Trav nor am I simply content being around someone who strives in bringing out the best in nearly everything. I'm thankful for everything -- all of the joy, the happiness, the strength -- he has brought into my life.