Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Spaced Out!

It was that time of year again - time for the school play! Actually it has nothing to do with an annual tradition since they do musicals every other year.

Either way, Jack was Galileo this year in "Spaced Out." We would have asked more people to come, but I'll be frank: it wasn't a good time.

Jack did a great job, mind you! He was excellent:

And the kids were amazing!

It was actually everyone else who made it difficult.

I was there an hour early, only to find that the doors opened 30 minutes early. There were 4 adults there + me. I was the second in the auditorium and had my seat taken away from me AS I WAS SITTING DOWN. We just needed 3 seats, and even that was nearly impossible.

In short: it was a lot of drama for 30 minutes of show. Jack was worth it, but for those interested, we can show you the recording Trav took for us.