Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Kansas pride

There's something to be said about Kansas. The people are great, the scenery gorgeous and we're best known for wheat, corn and sunflowers.

Take note of that last item.

Sunflowers are the state's officially flowers, yet if you look around, you just don't get to see them. So when you actually find a field or two of them, you take pictures...lots and lots of pictures.

They are gorgeous!

We've gone for a few years now, such as this in 2013:

Are there bees? Yes, yes there are!
And people? Yes, lots of them! This year many of the farm's neighbors had to tow cars away that were blocking their drives. We went before noon on a random Saturday and it was PACKED. It's even more-so if you go in the evening near sunset.

Regardless, the kids took some great shots!
Stay tuned for next year's series!