Friday, November 7, 2014


There's nothing quite like being a kid. It's when you're free to just be yourself and enjoy life for all it has to offer. When we saw the massive amount of leaves piled in our lawn and driveway, Z decided it was time to start the annual process of raking.

It's been a relatively quiet year as far as leaves go. Usually a hot summer turns into a hot autumn, which in turn causes the leaves to fall prematurely. This year, however, it actually was pretty mild for the duration of the dog days of summer.

Of course, you can't simply rake the leaves. No, the purpose of raking leaves exceeds even the basic of tasks - jumping. Nothing screams "CHILDHOOD" quite like jumping in a freshly raked pile of leaves.

I thought this picture perfectly captured the joy of childhood:
 Do you see the joy? It may look like Jack isn't enjoying himself, but I assure you...he is! He was laughing and having fun, just like Zoey!

Of course, we took other pictures, too. This is a moment to savor!!