Sunday, August 3, 2014

Pool! (Part 1)

Of all the years for our pool to hit major issues, this wouldn't be it. It shouldn't exactly be surprising to us though - after all, you could argue that it comes with home/pool ownership.

And I would agree. I would say that it's fun to have a pool and half of the time it doesn't require as much care, but then I would also be lying to some degree.

Needless to say, as of August 3, we've only been swimming in the pool for about 3 weeks. Our kids were itching to go swimming, but limited finances meant we weren't going to just have a gym membership or start swimming lessons. Nope - this year, it was different.

Thankfully, Kaki and Papa Gary's community has a pool, and even better for us, hitting it in the morning over a holiday weekend meant it was pretty much ours.

What did I do? I took pictures!

Full disclosure: I didn't make the kids hold hands to jump into the pool. Zoey demanded it. She was having confidence issues and needed some added encouragement!


Bernice Cunningham said...

Those photos look nice! It seems you were able to capture a lot of fun and awesome moments at the pool. It’s nice to look at them every now and then, and reminisce on those happy moments you guys had, as you wait for summer to come by again. Anyway, it’s nice how Kaki and Gary’s community had a pool that you could visit. At the very least, you don't have to go far for a quick dip. Thanks for sharing this post with us, Angi. Cheers!

Bernice Cunningham @ Guardian Industries