Monday, May 12, 2014

A look back: Tallgrass Prairie

There is just something special about  Tallgrass Prairie. I can't tell if it's the calmness or the openness of the Plains, but it is something we hold near and dear to our hearts. This year we decided to bring Kaki along, too!

Unlike most years, however, the tallgrass was still very, very brown. The winter had been very cold far beyond normal, so the grass was just starting to turn green. Had it been burned, the green would have been easier to see. 

This year we trekked to the school, the same trek we took last year before we turned around due to the heat.

Everyone was in great spirits!

The school house was beautiful - hauntingly beautiful. We decided to take some pictures in front of the building at first.

Then we met one of the rangers, who let us actually go into the old school house. They let school tours come in, so it's not authentic. But it is a repleca!

Like I said, it's just plain haunting! 
We headed back to the visitor's center, but even around high-noon, it was a beautiful day.

Here are my great hiking buddies: