Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A look back: The big dance

Every year since we joined Legacy, Trav takes Zoey to our church's Father-Daughter Dance. It's an awesome time for fathers and daughters of all ages - from a few months to several decades old.

This year was different. Of course it would be different.

This year, Zoey asked if he could take Audrey, too. And...she said yes.

The weather was mild, so we opted to head to a park for pictures. Fresh air just makes for better pictures!

Audrey took some pictures, too!

Look? They each received their own corsage. Awww! 

This is where we split. Trav and the girls went off to dance the evening away while April, Chris, Jack and I trekked to the movie theater. Both of us had a blast, especially the girls: