Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Our year, in a nutshell

2013 - we hardly knew thee! We started off the year with unemployment but conquered that and many other adventures. Looking back, I can say...we survived!

So looking back...

...in January...
We thought this snow would the be the only one. Yeah, right! 

We weren't kidding. It went from this

to this in just a few weeks:

Yikes! But it didn't stop us from going to the Father and Daughter Dance...

Or the Oscar Party!

 Jack was a lion in his school's musical.

We also celebrated Easter

and cheered on the Jayhawks! 

(Look! There is more...I took a break and forgot that I published it. Oops!)
 Cousin Audrey joined us for a ballet recital!

And we had animal adventures in Goddard, Kan.:

We also managed to go fishing, though the fish didn't get the memo.

Baby Aaron was so wittle!!

 Our computer opted to conk out on us, so not many photos from this month. We did, however, have fun taking a few pictures...
...and having a water fight!

Nothing said "June" quite like a fishing derby, though we left after just a few hours:

It was just too busy! One little lake can't handle so many people:
We had great Father's Day company:
And learned how to use make-up!
Just when we thought it couldn't get any hotter, it did. But then it cooled down too many and rained to the point of flooding! Each time we tried to take photos from a photographer in Wichita, we were rained out!

Despite that, we had a great Fourth of July at my uncle and aunt's house:
Chris turned three....
...and the party was awesome!

My kids also happened to discover the joys of Monopoly:

When professional photos failed, we opted for the next best thing: our own!

And glitter is fun, just not on a humid day after it rained:

However, Zoey's froggy friend didn't seem to mind one bit! 

Mustaches are fun, too.

Aaron thinks so, too!
Speaking of Aaron, he's one cute kid!

And speaking of Aaron, we had some great shots by DePrisco Photo. Look them up if you want great photos taken in the KC area -- they are excellent!

That's not all! August was a busy, busy time.

School started (Kindergarten for Zoey, 2nd Grade for Jack):

And we saw an awesome sunflower field!

A new little friend slithered into our lives, too. We were able to sweep him out to the creek though!

Because of the calendar this year, Zoey also celebrated her birthday in August!

Oddly enough, our lives calmed down a little in September. For Z's birthday, we took her to play with the puppies at our local Petland:

Amid the school and football craziness, we also celebrated Jack's 8th birthday!

What we lacked in September we made up for in October. Over the course of a month, we visited not one...not two...but THREE different pumpkin patches!
And we loved every one of them. :-)

Zoey took part in a cheerleading clinic, which put her as part of the Olathe East cheer team during a varsity game!

Picking corn for popping is really more fun than you would think:

(And it tastes yummy, too!)

My family also proved to have an awesome sense of Halloween humor.
On a side note, we also had one of the worst series of events we've had in a long time. A lot of good happened in October, but so did a lot of trying times. We replaced two starters in our cars, a battery, our hot water heater, our fridge defroster and a pool pump. Needless to say, it was hard on our wallets! 

Another ballet recital...

And another wonderful Thanksgiving, albeit unusual:

Plus a favorite fall pastime of running through the leaf piles:
Rounding out the year, Jack was in his second year of Kings Kids - our church's Christmas program:
We decorated the tree...
...and met with Santa Claus.

But apparently our kids don't need to be coddled any longer. We always have told them about Saint Nicholas, the man behind the Santa Claus legend. She's apparently been telling all of her classmates that Santa Claus is dead, since St. Nicholas has been dead for a long time. That's my girl!

Christmas was eventful and somewhat stressful, but in the end we are so honored to be with those we love!

Here's to a wonderful 2014!