Wednesday, December 11, 2013

{One Year Later}

It's been exactly one year since I got *that* call.

The day had been as normal as it could be. Our lives were just starting to get back to normal after Papa Don's death, and though it wasn't perfect, we were looking forward to the next year.

And then it happened. BAM.

Trav was fired.

He was fired for sticking to his ethics, refusing to back down from what was right. The price for his decision was steep - a pink slip.

I had my first panic attack. I wouldn't breathe but at the same time I didn't know whether I wanted to scream or cry.

It was 14 days before Christmas, and celebrating with our kids was the last thing on my mind. It was 2013 that was questionable.

To say that I was angry would be an understatement. I was angry at Trav's now-former employer. I was angry with the situation. I was lost in a world spinning out of control. How would our family survive?

The rest of the day was surreal, but by the evening we had reached a new level of acceptance and peace.

We were never in control. And regardless of how we felt, tomorrow was going to come whether we liked it or not. Crying and moaning about it wouldn't change anything.

Praying together helped us look to the next (positive) step in our life.

I started to look around to see the blessings that surrounded us, despite the predicament. My health insurance enrollment period was open for one more day - abnormally late for my company - meaning I could still sign up for coverage without going through too many hoops. Having Trav at home wasn't necessarily a bad thing, and unemployment came through earlier than expected. Our church family surrounded us with more support and love than I had ever seen. Our families came to our rescue, too.

A year ago, our lives changed...for the better.

We've learned that sometimes growing has its pains, and as it much as it stung, we are stronger than ever before.