Saturday, December 14, 2013

Ho, Ho, Ho!

Who says that Santa always comes down the chimney?

That's right - the big man himself stopped Grandma Suzie's house for a pre-Christmas visit. First up to the lap...Audrey!

She was quite talkative with lots of questions. In the end, she wanted a net and a fishing pole. Now, doesn't that just seem like a nice gift!

Next it was on to Jack, who may indeed be facing his last year in enjoying the Santa fun.

This was about the time that he asked for a flip phone, to call Mommy, Daddy and maybe even a teacher or two! (Oh my!)

Zoey was eager to get her turn, too!

Her list wasn't as extensive, that's for sure. But she made sure to tell him the true meaning of Christmas!

She did have a word or two (hundred) with Mr. Clause, but she had a blast!

What about Chris? Well, let's just say that he and Santa had a long distance relationship.

But he eventually warmed up enough for a group shot!

Sadly, Santa did have to leave us!

Hey, no peaking!