Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Popcorn-picking we a'go!

When Trav told me that Grandma Suzie wanted us to go pick popcorn, I raised an eyebrow.

She wants us to do what?

Well, it turns out it was more exciting than I thought.

At first most of our group stuck to the outside perimeter of the field:

But then we got serious:

We were a serious, serious bunch of corn pickers:

Well, most of us (KaCHOOOOW!):

The end result:

However, getting a group shot in front of the corn proved difficult:

So, what happens after we picked the corn?

Good question!

Well, you use a corn kernel remover, of course:

What goes in...

Gets tossed around....
And results in lots and lots of kernels...

Oooo!! Corn kernels aren't just good for making into popcorn. They are also great for entertaining kiddos:

At this point, it still wasn't ready for us to just take home. We had to get all of the debris (read: husks and silks) from it. The process was simple--hold the bucket o'corn over a bucket o'nothing and pour slowly, letting the wind do the work:

Of course, nothing goes to wast here. Even cobs with kernels still on had to be removed by hand, which also proved entertaining:

Conclusion: Never question the motives of farm trips. This was awesome, and now we know how to pop our own popcorn over the stove!