Thursday, November 28, 2013

Our Thanksgiving trivia, part I

Take your guess to see how well you know us...and how our Thanksgiving went!!

Question 1: How many turkeys has Angi made this Thanksgiving season?

A) 0
B) 1
C) 2
D) 3
E) 4

Answer: E) 4. I made two turkeys for Trav's work and one for the family before finding out April was sick. Since we knew it wouldn't stay good for two days, cut to the fourth (and final?) turkey...


Question 2: What did Trav use to turn the pepper grinder into easy-access for whole peppercorns? 

A) Knife
B) Scissors
C) Power drill
D) Hands
E) Saw

Answer: C) Power drill. I had asked Trav to grab some whole peppercorns, and he came back with a small jar of peppercorns with a grinder on top. At least he was resourceful!


Question 3: Who was most fascinated by the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade this morning?

A) Trav
B) Jack
C) Angi
D) Zoey
E) Walter

Answer: B) Jack. He was loving the parade this morning, but the rest of us? Eh...not so much. Too much Broadway, too many teasers and not enough excitement!


Question 4: What in our house broke today?

A) Our toilet (and overflowed into the hallway)
B) Our washer (and left us with a soapy mess)
C) The garage door (requiring us to manually open it)
D) Our vacuum cleaner (thus leaving us with dirty, dirty floors)
E) Our furnace (bring your jackets if you're coming on Saturday!)

Answer: A) Our toilet! After watching a movie, we discovered that our downstairs half-bath had a broken toilet, thus overflowing water into the hallway. We have it under control but not fixed.


Question 5: Where did we go for a Thanksgiving meal?

A) Cracker Barrel
B) Houlihan's
C) Steak and Shake
D) McDonald's
E) Chinese buffet

Answer: C) Steak and Shake. Believe it or not, there isn't much open on Thanksgiving, including the Chinese buffet. No complaints, mind you. Just what it is! It ended up being a fine experience.


Question 6: Our Christmas tree is up and house decorated.

A) True
B) False

Answer: TRUE! We spent the better part of the evening working on it.


Question 7: What happened to Zoey this evening?

A) She slammed her finger in the car door
B) She tripped going into Steak and Shake
C) The tree fell on top of her while we decorated it
D) The vacuum cleaner fell on her foot
E) Walter scratched her

Answer: A) She slammed her finger in the car door. We had just come home from Steak and Shake, and while closing her door, she managed to get her finger stuck in it. 


Question 8: When did we change out of our PJs for the day?

A) 8 AM
B) 10 AM
C) Noon
D) 2 PM
E) Never

Answer: D) 2 PM. If you're following along, you would know that we went to Steak and Shake for one meal at some point in the day, but we stayed in our PJs for really the better part of Thanksgiving. 


Question 9: What figure can't we find for our nativity?

A) Mary
B) Joseph
C) Angel
D) Manger
E) Jesus

Answer: E) Baby Jesus appears to have been misplaced. Across five boxes of Christmas decorations, we were unable to find him. :-(


Tune in tomorrow, because I'm sure we'll have more "excitement" to share!