Thursday, November 21, 2013

My little math nerd

"I`m not good at math--I`ve never been good at math. I accepted it from a very early age. My teacher would hand me a math test. I`d just write on it, 'I`m going to marry someone who can do this.'"
--Rita Rudner

 That's pretty much sums up my math experience. I tolerated math, and with the exception of calculus and geometry, I was pretty good at it. I didn't enjoy it, but I was fine. Oddly enough, I love analytics now, but that's a different matter.

Back to the point at hand: math.

I always had a love/hate relationship with math, and I was never more excited to marry a former engineering student who truly geeks out on math.

As a result, I should find it no surprise that Zoey loves math, too.

By 'loves math,' I mean that she gets it. Girls are stereotyped to hate math and struggle with it. And all-in-all, there's still a good chance that in the coming years that she will struggle.

But right now, she just gets it.

If you ask her what 100-51 is, she'll say 49. Or try 75-30...she'll say 45. <> She gets that 2 and a half hours is 150 minutes. She understands that 12:40 is 20 minutes before 1:00.

She just gets it. As a little Kindergartner, she gets it.

There have been times when I've thrown out math problems for Jack that she's gotten right..whereas he didn't. I've asked questions out-loud for myself that she's gotten right.

Heck, she's even doing Jack's second grade homework!

I don't like bragging about my kids, but this is an exception. I have to, especially when I saw this commercial for a start-up company:

Zoey's watched it at least four times over the past several days. She loves it.

We've told Zoey that we want her to fly. We want her to have every chance to further her math-loving nature and maybe even turn it into a career.

And you know what? She couldn't be more thrilled.