Thursday, November 7, 2013

Amusement rides just aren't what they used to be

Or maybe we just aren't what WE used to be!

In Wichita, we found an arcade/amusement park/fun-day-running-around sort of attraction. The day before it had snowed and sleeted, so it see sunshine and 50 degree weather was awesome.

And while there were a few rides that involved everyone, some didn't. Like this one:

Zoey soooo wanted to go on it, but alas...she was just too short:
The ride also happened to be an example of how Trav cannot do things he once enjoyed as a 10-year-old.

Further proof: Swing rides.

While the kids were having a blast...

Trav couldn't quite remember why he agreed to this ride!

Shortly after the ride ended, he spent a little time in the grass trying to keep his lunch down and room from spinning.

Make no mistake, there were plenty of other, nicer rides too!