Friday, October 4, 2013

Take me out to the football game...

Sorry, kids. I'm not trying to offend by butchering the lyrics to "Take me out to the ballgame!"

A few Fridays ago, Trav had worked a day shift. As a result, we had the rare evening to do what we pleased. Translation: we went to a high school football game.

Consequently, all of our home schools were on the road, so we opted for a Blue Valley game instead.

Why not?

First, we took some pictures:

And then we were off!

The drive took about 15 minutes, and we got there plenty early. However, it was truly a learning experience.

1. Blue Valley West is either THAT good or Blue Valley North is THAT bad. Yowsa! It was something like 35-0 at half-time!!

2. Blue Valley people are very, very frustrating. Not only did one family and their friends basically push us out of our seats, but they also kept getting up and walking in front of us. One girl did this at LEAST 75 times during the course of the first half. No apologies. Only laughter.

3. When did football games turn into a fashion show? We saw women decked out for homecoming, and we're not talking about the candidates. I'm talking about the 35-year-old moms who were more prepared to go to church than to a football game. Oh yeah, and that 9 year old who had a Coach purse? AWESOME!

4. Respect is good. Our section had such little respect for each other. I am now focused on teaching Zoey how NOT to act when she gets to be in Junior High. Not that it will help, but we can try!

5. We drive a 2007 Toyota. Apparently this is too cheap for the BV crowd. Yet another reason why our kids won't be going to that school district.