Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Disclaimer: We are not getting a puppy. We are not considering getting a puppy. Right now we have one very, very fat cat who is very, very happy to not have any dogs in the house: 

Regardless, our kids still like animals...like, a lot. So what better way to honor this for their birthdays than to spend time with puppies?

We tried to go to an animal shelter instead of Petland, but honestly it didn't fit into our schedule. None of the shelters opened before noon on the weekends, which meant that because we had family coming into town and tons to do for a party, we couldn't wait around

When we got to Petland, Zoey picked out a Papillion:

Isn't it adorable - and just Zoey's size!

I will admit that for a yappy dog, she (he?) was very, very cute! Half of Walter, but still cute.

The next dog was Trav's pick - a  weimaraner. Yup. Hyper dog, ahoy!

Note that NO ONE in the picture is looking at the same camera. Not that there were other cameras, but I love how only Trav is actually looking at me.

We also did this for Jack's birthday, but I didn't bring a camera. I'm glad I didn't! We spent time with a very scared Chiweenie (Chihuahua + Dauchsund) and then a teething Great Dane. WOW! That Great Dane was ... amazing. As in, grabbing onto our ARMS with her teeth! The poor thing didn't know how to control her very, very big paws and flopped all around. Needless to say, she beat us up!

More proof that maaaaybe we aren't ready for dogs just yet.