Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A month of unfortunate events

Looking back over the course of the last month, we've realized what a series of unfortunate events we've faced, including:

A new starter for my car - on our anniversary, no less! Talk about a great gift. I can't wait for what our 20th anniversary will bring us!

A defrost heater for our fridge - the problem with fridge problems is that it costs $$ to just have someone come out to check out the thing. We spent 4 to 5 days of at-home attempts to get it to work. Let's just say the matter was out of our hands. We went for around 10 days without a working fridge.

A new water heater - 'cuz having one explode and/or leak water all over our basement just sounded like too much fun! On the plus side, I can say that we are very impressed with Morgan Miller Plumbing!


A new battery for Trav's car -- but it's okay! It was still under warranty (by like 1 week). We thought it was the starter, but it wasn't! But wait...

A new starter for Trav's car (presumably) -- two weeks after we changed the battery, the starter went out...which led from this:

to this (pardon my buggy windshield):
AAA to the rescue! Technically the car is still in the shop, so it could be something else. However, all indications point to the starter.

Note: the above image was borrowed from Danielle Mousley. Please check her out here. I didn't have any sign showing how early this patch closes, and she did. All credit goes to her - I just marked it up with lovely red arrows pointing to HOW EARLY IT CLOSES!!

Pumpkin patches that close early -- we pre-purchased tickets to a local pumpkin patch. The first time we tried to go, it was packed with school kids on field trips. The second time we tried to go, it was 3:05...and it closed at 3:00. Uncool.

Our computer on life-support -- apparently we have less than 2 MB of memory left on our computer. Probably even less than that by now; we just stopped caring enough to check. Thankfully, the cavalry is arriving soon! I may be actually able to upload my own photos soon!

Bullies at school -- I'll admit that Jack is a sensitive kid, but after talking with his teacher about one child at school, he (and others) are definitely being bullied.  My heart goes out to Jack, but in the same light, I'm astounding that it starts so early. Where do these 8-year-old bullies come from?!

Our pool pump petered out -- We didn't use our pool through the entire month of June because our previous pool service really let us down. Then we couldn't use it in October because it was cold and our pump broke. :-( Bummer. Thankfully, our pool guy doesn't want us to replace it until the spring.

Note: The pool is in front of the chairs...under the snow. By "closing" the pool we mean that we have the drains blasted out, water level lowered and jets plugged. The cover goes on, too.
Our pool closed -- technically this is a good thing. However, considering it happened on the same day we paid for a new starter for my car? Ouch. Our pocketbooks took quite a hit that day.

In conclusion: there's a lot of "good" going on too, but man O'man! I am tired of things breaks and costing major bucks!!