Tuesday, October 8, 2013

7 things I learned over 7 years of marriage

In honor of our wedding anniversary today (where did the time go?!) here are 7 things I learned:

1. Dates should be cherished, especially after kids -- it doesn't matter if it's a movie, games with friends or just watching TV while eating Greek food after the kids go to bed. It's time spent together!
2. There aren't enough practical gifts for men --  I'm sure Trav totally felt the love when I gave him a nose hair trimmer for Christmas or a calculator for his birthday. And alas, the Interwebz are a total fail for ideas.
3. Fresh flowers made our relationship pop -- okay, so I'm no expert on relationships, but one thing has totally changed our marriage this year. That one thing? Flowers. It started in April when I accomplished something really cool at work and treated myself to a $10 bouquet of flowers. Ever since then, Trav has "refreshed' my vase with fresh flowers on a weekly basis.
4. Family is vital -- we are so blessed to have family so near and dear to our hearts and house. I can't say enough just how important it has been to include our families because without them, our lives would be so different.
5. It really doesn't have to be about drama -- so many people think life has to mimic fiction. It doesn't. Life without drama is just fine, too.
6. Don't forget to laugh -- We're had some rough moments in our 7 years. Heck, the last three weeks alone have taken HUGE chunks out of our pocket books. But even during the worst of circumstances, remembering to laugh has been the ice breaker we needed to remember how blessed we are to have our health and our family.
7. Life won't be perfect -- I think Trav is pretty darn close to perfection, but I also know that life isn't perfect. It's not fair. And that's okay!! Most people tell you to accept your spouse for who they are, but what a lot of people don't tell is to accept life for what it is too.

And in honor of our anniversary, here are bunch of movie posters a friend of ours made for us to display all around the theatre: