Monday, September 30, 2013

Zoey turns...6?

Okay, so honestly  Zoey's birthday was meant to be a fiasco. First, it came too early. Usually we have it in September. However, this year it came earlier than usual since Labor Day was on Sept. 2. Then you have the issue with Mother Nature -- after a nice cool, wet July into August, we were dry and hot, hot, hot going into September.


Regardless, here are some shots in the sticky weather:

Question: Why didn't Jack have shots like these?
Answer: 'Cuz I didn't get to the park in time. Had I actually gotten there 15 minutes early - like expected - I would have coaxed him into shots.


We were lucky enough to be able to move it into the hotel lobby of Kaki and Papa Gary's hotel.  Note the FAB decor!

It was still fun, and thanks to AC, a cool party, too!