Sunday, September 29, 2013

Jack turns...8?

Who said that he could turn 8? Certainly not I!

Regardless, Jack's birthday party finally arrived -- we tossed ideas back and forward for weeks before he finally opted for a "Despicable Me" party. However, this really only means that the balloons were minion-themed as was the cake.

Yup. That's just how we roll.

Anyway, taking pictures of a one-sided minion was comical to say the least:

Yup. Fun times.

But hey, at least we got to go to the park! For Zoey's birthday it was anything but nice. In fact, it was something like 35 degrees warmer!

He had a blast with the gifts, especially the vintage "Star Wars" toys from Trav's youth:

We are so honored that he was able to celebrate his eighth year with such a loving family! 

Yup - this is what Jack picked out! 

Isn't it fun?

Speaking of fun, one of the perks of being outside is having room to RUN!!! 

On a side note, I never thought that the day would come that my baby would grow up: