Saturday, July 27, 2013

Gone Fishing!

Well, it's been a while! Apparently having a bum computer forces me to do anything BUT edit photos!

At least we're catching up. Slowly. But still surely!

So back up to June. It was actually not a bad month as far as weather goes. It wasn't overly hot, but it was warm enough to remind us about summer.

To take advantage of the weather, we participated in the Olathe Fishing Derby.

We thought it would be this small event at a local lake. WRONG! It was huge! There were 400 kids there - and their families - meaning that very few people would be catching fish on that very windy day:
That's just on our stretch. There were TONS more people further down.

Regardless, we put our best foot forward. We cast our lines and prayed for the best:

Hmmm. Where's the fish?

The kids started to get frigidity, so I took the chance to take some shots of them:

And for proof, look -- Trav was there too!

And then it happened: the lines tangled,

thus ending our adventure at the lake. We had been there for 45 minutes and were hot, sweaty and just ready to go home!