Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Blame the computer

Would you believe that I have upwards of 100 photos to post? must be asking...why haven't I posted anything lately?

Good question and simple answer: my computer.

My computer is old and weary and dislikes to work. Or at least work with me. It's so complicated to even get photos onto the computer, not to mention edit them. Uploading photos to the blog crashes the en tire system, which then takes 10 minutes more to reboot.

Rinse. Repeat. This is the cycle we've endured for months with our computer THAT WILL NOT DIE.

Regardless, we're getting a new computer sometime in the next 9 months. Read: sometime in 2013.

So until then, I'll try to post one or two using the email upload tool. Read: doesn't crash my computer.

And if you're wondering:
- Things are fine
- Trav enjoys his new job
- Kids are fine
- We survived March
- Are we done with snow yet?