Thursday, March 21, 2013

This is the Day

Today's the day. Starting today, basketball fans from across the country will cheer for their underdogs, following their bracket closely and secretly pray that their opponent's star player is too sick or injured to play (though a recoverable illness or injury. No hate!). Today is also the day when I lose my husband to his mistress of March: basketball.

Of course, I'm okay with this mistress. After all, she's played a role in our lives since the very beginning. I know that during March, he will spend much of the next 2.5 weeks analyzing stats, scrutinizing players and hoping that his bracket comes out on top. (Psst - as of this writing, I'm actually tied for first place. Him? Not so much.)

Oh! And tomorrow he will celebrate his birthday. Not that turning 37 is a big deal of anything...

For these reasons and everything that makes March maddening, I say...ROCK CHALK!