Saturday, February 23, 2013

Snow time, take 2

So after it stopped snowing, we made our way outside to dig our way out. Look! The city's snow plow crews were out in huge numbers:

Zoey was thrilled, obviously. 

She was also thrilled that we let her slam snow into the tree: 

Jack did more of his usual - run. Run, run RUN. 

It's what he does best. 
 Zoey was more of a ... lay down and relax sort of girl. Snow angels were more her style.

And when she did move around, it was all walking. 

Conclusion? The kids aren't tired of snow yet! 

Especially Jack, who loved his snow chair. 


Here's a look at our neighborhood...24 hours after the snow stopped and after the snow plows had come through about 4 times.