Sunday, February 24, 2013

My snow crew

Despite trying to get the kids to shovel the snow for more allowance, it seems that Jack wasn't into it. He would rather run around, and after asking him to keep his shoes tied, he ended up losing his shoes in the snow. We sent him inside to warm up.

Believe it or not, my diva stepped in:

She and Trav shoveled much of our driveway and the neighbor's driveway...because she wanted to. What a grew snow crew! 

And for the sake of Zoey, it's still fun to look like a disinterested teenager: 

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Snow time, take 2

So after it stopped snowing, we made our way outside to dig our way out. Look! The city's snow plow crews were out in huge numbers:

Zoey was thrilled, obviously. 

She was also thrilled that we let her slam snow into the tree: 

Jack did more of his usual - run. Run, run RUN. 

It's what he does best. 
 Zoey was more of a ... lay down and relax sort of girl. Snow angels were more her style.

And when she did move around, it was all walking. 

Conclusion? The kids aren't tired of snow yet! 

Especially Jack, who loved his snow chair. 


Here's a look at our neighborhood...24 hours after the snow stopped and after the snow plows had come through about 4 times. 

Zoey's date night

After digging out from the snow, Zoey and Trav were able to still go to the Father-Daughter dance. Zoey loved her flower girl dress soooo much that she wanted to wear it to the dance.

 Truthfully, I was happy. It meant we didn't have to buy another one.

 Though she may look great, she has developed the Kindergarten smile.

Always a bit forced and never the full story. was her date. 

She really loves him! 

So cute! 

But wait! It wasn't just a date - it was a double date. Audrey and Steve came over too!

Unfortunately, Walter crashed the party too. 

The girls were just too cute! 

Audrey looked so great. 

Here's a group shot of 4 great-lookin' people! 

And the moment we knew that we weren't going to get anymore pictures! 

Here's a collage, in case you wanted to see it. Apparently I was bored last night: 

Snow day!

Do you know what you do on a snow day?

For me, I worked from home. I made a make-shift office out of a card table and made myself a nice pot of Mexican hot chocolate. Yum!

The kids changed into warm pajamas and read books for a few hours as "rest" time. Then when Z came back down, she was sporting an awesome look: 

Then Jack joined us for more 'tude: 

It's just too early for cabin fever to set in! Check out the snowfall as of 4:00 on Thursday! 

Friday, February 22, 2013

It's too cold to shovel snow!

The kids and I lasted about 30 minutes outside, and when we came inside we struggled out of frozen clothes (we were all wearing at least 2 layers of everything).

Here is the aftermath (and two less-energetic kids):

Want to see what cold looks like? Check out Z's legs! can stop snowing now

Snow is fun...and cold. Now about a foot later, and I think I'm ready for spring! I know it's nothing like New England saw a few weeks ago, but it's still a big deal for us.

We did make it outside in the midst of the storm though:

Let's just say...we had energy to burn off. 

Zoey was so excited to do snow angels, but she forgot what a pain it is when it's still snowing. 

Either way, she tried to have fun too. 

This is her, "I'm too cold to pose for a picture for you" face. 

But it's okay. She just wanted to do things her way. 

Jack was busy doing everything. One minute he would be running around...

...and the next minute he would shoveling snow. 

Speaking of shoveling, Trav wins the award for best shoveler today. He cleared 2 drive ways and dug out a car! More is falling now, and the snow plows have left us with an awesome pile at the end of the driveway. I see more shoveling in our future!