Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Great Ozark Get-a-way

I thought that considering we went to the Ozarks in October, it would be so fitting to show you the cabin we rented.

It was awesome. Something like 5-6 bedrooms, open floor plan, great kitchen, etc. Awesome. And when we go off season to save some $$, even better.

Here's a look from the walkway on the second floor. There was so much wonderful light!

From the deck, looking down. That's a dock we could have used, only you know - it was October. Who goes swimming or boating in October? 

Oooo. Lots of docks. 

Oooo. lots of pretty trees....

And they even had a hammock. How neat! 

 Sadly, this was the one part of the house that was brutal - the walk up from the dock. Oy...or should I say, "ouch!"