Monday, January 14, 2013


While in the Ozarks, we were lucky to take a short cruise around a few of the lake's fingers. 

As Jack is looking, here was the boat:

It was more like a glorified yacht. 

Here is my happy little family! 

Ooooo! Secrets. 

I can tell you know that it was beautiful. We didn't even have to leave the harbor to know that! 

Life vest time! 
 Smmiles all around!

Zoey was stylin', what can I say? 

 She made a lot of great friends on the trip. She really loved this woman's nail polish.

Meanwhile, while we waited for the ship to begin moving, Jack was taught the fine arts of mixed drinks. 

Still waiting for movement...

The three amigos! 

Finally - we were moving! We saw some fun speed boats: 


Pretty! Actually, it was really hard to find a section like this. The Ozarks allow you to build right to the water, so there were mainly houses in the shoreline...not beautiful trees. 

Check it out! The kids got to drive the boat for awhile:

See that house? Yeah, that big gray one? Yeah....that's the biggest house on the lake. Can you tell? 

We had a lot of fun watching the water for fish. 

And waving at other boats. 

...BUT mainly looking for fish. 

We were having a blast! 
 The Zebra cliffs. That's all I remember.

Another boat! Some guys really liked to show off...

Unimpressed? Disinterested? You make the call. 

Sammy and Nate! 
 And Jack.

Note Zoey wanting to basically look off the side of the ship. And my mom gripping her vest. 

 Don't worry - she's safe!

Three generations....
 More beautiful houses (and private yachts):


Hi, Kaki! 

A sailboat - one of the few boats NOT speeding along. 
 Hi Jack, again.

Note the freckles. Cute. 

Group shot! 

It was a great time, but next time I think the kids will ask for a faster boat!