Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Great Ozark Get-a-way

I thought that considering we went to the Ozarks in October, it would be so fitting to show you the cabin we rented.

It was awesome. Something like 5-6 bedrooms, open floor plan, great kitchen, etc. Awesome. And when we go off season to save some $$, even better.

Here's a look from the walkway on the second floor. There was so much wonderful light!

From the deck, looking down. That's a dock we could have used, only you know - it was October. Who goes swimming or boating in October? 

Oooo. Lots of docks. 

Oooo. lots of pretty trees....

And they even had a hammock. How neat! 

 Sadly, this was the one part of the house that was brutal - the walk up from the dock. Oy...or should I say, "ouch!"

Trick or Treat!

No, we aren't celebrating Halloween in January. While it would be fun, I don't think it would be very universal.

 Anyway, here was my Darth and Leia at Halloween.

Look at that focus.

He can be nice too! 

Now for Z, my little diva. Check out her posing: 

Lookie - it's Bailey! She stopped by for a quick photo. She was a witch for Halloween...I think. 

She's as pretty as a picture. Literally. 

Poor Chris. Yoda wasn't feeling the force that day. 

Mooooore photos! 

This year the theme at church was "Candy Lane," which was well done! 

Here was the one group shot. Everyone did this on their own - no prompting from us! 

My Zoey

Did you know that she's talented?

She can go from this...

To this...

In a blink of the eye. I see a future in drama!

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

And yes, I am giggling that you now have that song stuck in your head.

Anyway, let's travel back to October. It was Granny Jo and Pa's anniversary weekend, and we had some special visitors trek up from Texas. We went to a free pumpkin patch and had a blast together.

Of the 8 kids, 5 were boys. As a result, the girls did get to spend SOME time together!!


Well, it snowed. Again. It first snowed on Jan. 1, but since the kids were in Wichita...and I was pictures. It snowed (a little) this morning, so I figured this may be the one time I'll go out to take shots. 

This is Zoey's favorite hat. She's already told everyone at preschool that it's her husky hat. Can we say perfect gift? 

The kids tried to have a snowball fight, but it wasn't the best snow for it. There was a lot of ice mixed in, so it was kind of ... rough. 

Here's my lovely Travis. Note the lack of hat. That's because it was on... 

Jackson! Check out all of the teeth missing! He's lost two in the past few weeks.


I started this blog a few months after Zoey was born, and I didn't really have any goal. I didn't decide that I would post X number of stories each week, or that I would blog only this or only that. It's become an awesome place to share photos/stories/videos/etc. with people who may not get to see them otherwise.

Translation: I really do love this blog. Zoey even helps me pick out a background every few months!

Now, I noticed earlier this month that my postings have been way, way down. It's understandable since Trav is looking for a job and when I get home from work I want to spend time with my family, not the blog. I get it. Plus our computer is really on its last leg, so I can't even edit photos.

Like I said, I get it.

However, I looked at how many posts I average in January (the answer is 10.6), and I look at how many I've posted this month.

This would mark post #5.

Conclusion: I'm going to try to post a few more tomorrow, so maybe I can represent 2013 with a little more flair and oomph. Then again, last January I posted nada, so technically I'm still ahead!

Think of this as a warning. There may/may not be a surge of photos (potentially unedited) coming.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Oh Kansas

I know I put this on Facebook, but I wanted to put this on my blog for the sake of ... hilarity.

Just about every state has the saying that if you don't like the weather, wait ## minutes and it will change. Ha...ha...ha. No, really. I've been 25+ states, and each state claimed this saying.

And truthfully, there were some January tornadoes this year. We haven't told Zoey due to her tornado phobia (she's not going to leave the house during the month of March or ever go to western Kansas again), but hey - strange things happen. I get it. We live in a weird world.

Now let's get to the point. The map. That's a screen capture of NOAA's active warnings as of this morning. We had quite a thunderstorm blow through around 1 AM, and then it stormed off and on for the next 3-4 hours. If you look closely, you'll see the hilarity of it - a winter weather advisory (which is common during January) right next to a tornado watch (which is uncommon during January).

I found it amusingly hilarious. Maybe now when someone says that their state's saying is to wait 10 minutes for the weather to change, we can put them to shame. Now we can prove that Kansas is the home of Oz and really, really crazy weather!

Monday, January 14, 2013


While in the Ozarks, we were lucky to take a short cruise around a few of the lake's fingers. 

As Jack is looking, here was the boat:

It was more like a glorified yacht. 

Here is my happy little family! 

Ooooo! Secrets. 

I can tell you know that it was beautiful. We didn't even have to leave the harbor to know that! 

Life vest time! 
 Smmiles all around!

Zoey was stylin', what can I say? 

 She made a lot of great friends on the trip. She really loved this woman's nail polish.

Meanwhile, while we waited for the ship to begin moving, Jack was taught the fine arts of mixed drinks. 

Still waiting for movement...

The three amigos! 

Finally - we were moving! We saw some fun speed boats: 


Pretty! Actually, it was really hard to find a section like this. The Ozarks allow you to build right to the water, so there were mainly houses in the shoreline...not beautiful trees. 

Check it out! The kids got to drive the boat for awhile:

See that house? Yeah, that big gray one? Yeah....that's the biggest house on the lake. Can you tell? 

We had a lot of fun watching the water for fish. 

And waving at other boats. 

...BUT mainly looking for fish. 

We were having a blast! 
 The Zebra cliffs. That's all I remember.

Another boat! Some guys really liked to show off...

Unimpressed? Disinterested? You make the call. 

Sammy and Nate! 
 And Jack.

Note Zoey wanting to basically look off the side of the ship. And my mom gripping her vest. 

 Don't worry - she's safe!

Three generations....
 More beautiful houses (and private yachts):


Hi, Kaki! 

A sailboat - one of the few boats NOT speeding along. 
 Hi Jack, again.

Note the freckles. Cute. 

Group shot! 

It was a great time, but next time I think the kids will ask for a faster boat!