Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Turning 7, in style...Star Wars style

1) Yes, I know that Jack's birthday was in September.
2) Yes, I know that it's December now. 

I still wanted to share the pictures, so neener. Tough toodles.

Anyway, Jack turned 7 this year and naturally he decided to incorporate Star Wars into his party. Shock, I know. 

We found some cheap "light sabers" at Target before the party, so each kid received one. It really brought out a our Jedis. 

Darth Jack even defeated his sister! 

 Meanwhile, Z3-P0 and Audrey Windu worked hard to take down the tree.
Of course there was a break from the light saber action to eat lunch.

Now, the pinata-turned-Death-Star.

The fun behind this pinata was discovered later in the party, but Trav was so stinking proud of making it, that he had to show it off first.

Oh the cake. We can't forget the cake:

And the presents!

Jack actually received one of Trav's original Star Wars toys. Can we say, "impressed?"

This card was a hit among the kids. You actually had to "blow" candles out. It was so simple yet so loved!

Hugs from cousins!

More presents...

And then...Bingo? Yes, Bingo.

Ooo. Artistic shot.

The girls did very well, but poor Audrey didn't have the best cards.

Next: The Death Star battle for candy.