Saturday, December 1, 2012

Red Box - Day 1

It's December - finally! My kids have been waiting for this month for a looooong time. So we decided to make Day 1...Santa Day!

They were really more thrilled then they let on. In fact, Zoey woke up 45 minutes early and could hardly wait:

We wrote letters...

And waited in line at Bass Pro Shop:

And we waited. And waited. And took pictures like this one (which she asked for, by the way):

Then finally...our turn! He really was a great Santa. He's been there for quite a few years actually.

After that, we played games. Conclusion: Zoey is better at shooting the shotgun and neither kid really excels at the crossbow. Let's just say that they'll be picking out the little foam dart from behind the machine for quite a while.

And look! They even had a carousel!

I think we've come a long way in the past few years:

(Zoey refused to go up there in 2008)