Friday, December 28, 2012

O Apple Tree, O Apple Tree

In the spirit of the season, why not take a warm trip back to the apple orchard? Yes. We shall!

It was a warmish September Saturday when we trekked over to the north side of the river, starting with wonderful chicken sandwiches:

And Cheetos.

Look! There's still chicken!

Eventually we made our way to the trees:

Yum...freshly picked apples...

You would think that Trav would be a pro by now. You would be wrong.

At least Zoey was patient to wait for the apples.

Finding a good apple to pick at Jack's level was difficult. But he found one!

 Trav helped Zoey handpick her own apples.

Yeah...we didn't pick that many.

Thankfully, there were still plenty of apples on the trees. Beautiful!

Thanks Alldredge's!