Friday, November 2, 2012

Zoey's (and Jack's) Politics

Did you know that Election Day is Tuesday? In case you've been under a rock, you probably are aware of this fact. To help any undecided voters out there, here is a little advice from my kids and who they are supporting:

Jack: He's my Obama fan because he thinks that Obama is cool. Okay, he is also a fan of Obama just "because." Yeah, try breaking any more information out of him will be tricky. I've been trying to pry out any more information to explain his vote for the current president, but sadly I'm met with a lot of circular reasoning. Such as...

...Me: So Jack, who do you think should be voted president?
...Jack: Obama.
...Me: Why?
...Jack: Because.
...Me: Because why?
...Jack: Because he should be president.
...Me: Why do you think he should be voted president?
...Jack: Because.

See? Not a clear answer.

Zoey: At preschool this week, their Weekly Reader gave a kid-friendly look at both candidates. Romney likes horses and granola. Obama likes dogs and chili. When I took her to the polls with me yesterday, she told me to vote for Romney because "he likes horses." What can I say, she's an educated voted.

Today, when Trav took her with him to go vote, she explained that Mitt Romney was cute, so he obviously needed to vote for him. "AlBama" (Not Obama or Alabama...Albama) was cute, but not as cute as Mitt Romney.

So there you have it - another platform for debate. People think the economy, foreign relations and jobs are important? Yeah, try again. Cuteness and animal favoritism is totally the way to go. (Kidding, of course.)

My kids are actually putting a wager on who wins, though I'm not sure what they are actually betting. Jack just KNOWS that Obama will win (apparently by a margin of 200,000 - 200), and Zoey really, really, REALLY wants Romney to win. I guess we'll find out next week who "wins" and what exactly that entails for the winner of their little bet. Chances are it's for gloating only, but hey - you never know.

(And yes, I did vote early. Yesterday. It took all of 7 minutes.)