Friday, November 30, 2012

On the first day of Christmas...

Okay, so I’ve been a mom now for 7 years. The first year we had Jack, Trav worked so we really didn’t do much. Every year after that, it just seemed to get bigger and out of hand. Kids were constantly whining about when it would be Christmas, and Advent calendars always made it difficult to keep them from opening all of the countdown days while my back was turned.
Conclusion: We needed something else.
One problem was the cost. I shop year-round for birthday and Christmas gifts, so for me a budget is critical. We didn’t have a LOT of money to spare, so what could work?
Cue the Red Box.
In truth, the Red Box is nothing more than the 25 Days of Christmas that is confined to a box. Each day I put a new “clue” into the box, and when the kids open it they have to figure out what we’re going to do that day. I know some people who do this will put little boxes on the tree with numbers or little stockings with numbers on them. For me, that wouldn’t work. I knew I could do one per day and make it work. A $5 box from Hobby Lobby transformed the event from 25 Days … to Red Box!
SO last year we gave it a go. Trav wasn’t even too keen on the idea…until he saw how well it worked with the kids. Those kids went from crazy, gift-obsessed kids to actually caring about others. We went Elfing (basically ding-dong-and-ditch with holiday goodies). We played games by candle light. We make cookies, garland and snowmen. In the end, we were sad to see it go, and both kids started to mention their excitement for THIS year’s Red Box starting earlier this spring.
Here’s what we did last year:
Day 2 – Cars 2 (gift)
Day 3 – Santa
Day 4 – Toys 4 Tots
Day 5 – Red Day
Day 7 – Blankets (gift)
Day 8 – Garland Making
Day 10 – Plaza
Day 11 – Walter shopping
Day 13 – Green Day
Day 14 – Snowman Day
Day 16 – Penguin House
Day 17 – Elfing
Day 18 – Christmas Lights
Day 19 – Game Night
Day 20 – Cookie Making
Day 23 – Ice Skating
Day 24 – Pajamas (gift)
Day 25 –  Scavenger Hunt
What will we do this year? You’ll just have to tune in starting tomorrow!