Friday, November 23, 2012

*Insert Christmas music*

That's right - it's time for Christmas decorations to be dusted off and placed around (and on) the house! I don't decorate for many holidays, so this time of year means that the house get decked out with all of the holly, mistletoe and lights I have!

Yesterday before the Thanksgiving guests arrived, we took a moment to put up our lights. After all, we had a 70 degree day, compared to the 40 degrees today.

The kids came out after taking baths (we had skipped it the night before):

Hi Z.

Hi J.

Jack was especially excited to help Trav.

See? Trav asked HIM to bring up the extension cord.

Want another perspective? Yowsa!

But don't one fell and the house looks great!

We turned the house from this:

In this:

And this:

Into this: