Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Royals, Cont.

As promised, here are shots from the baseball game in September. I may not be on time, but I am surely not ignoring it!

Cheetos were a HUGE hit!

Yes, I know!

If nothing else, at least we were able to see the Royals pull off a win. That was a rarity.

Zoey wanted to show off her stylish shirt. Awesome.

We had great seats!


Not amused? Bored? Dramatic?

At least the kids seemed to enjoy themselves.

No talking during the game!

 More smiles.

Look! I caught a picture of Audrey!

Everyone was busy talking, so I don't know how much of the game these guys were able to see.

Chris loved hamming it up!

I posted this one earlier, but I thought I would throw it again.

Look! The two of us.

A look back...

... at the Royals game!

Okay, so I stink. Not literally but figuratively. (I actually smell like roses, in case you wanted to know.)

I've been busy. The moment we wrapped up Z's birthday, we were hit with an overwhelming schedule of needs, wants and events. We're still not done yet.

Example: On 11/17, Jack performs his Christmas program for a senior citizen center. On that same day, Trav works from 10 a - 5 p before heading to a Bruce Springsteen concert with his mom. Oh yeah, and Zoey is invited to a friend's birthday party. Yeah, that's just ONE DAY. The next day we also have a huge church banquet, too! Oh and did I mention it's the weekend before Thanksgiving? And the weekend after Zoey's dance recital, which happens to fall at the same time I've been invited to my friend's baby shower?

So, in short, I'm sorry. The blog has slipped in my priorities. Okay, so I'm really not sorry. I'm sure everyone who reads this blog understands that life is busy for us during this time of the year. I appreciate your patience and hey - I have a clean house at least! Okay, semi-clean. Okay, clean on the weekends.

This is a smallllll teaser for you. I took it at the game and had a blast fiddling with my new PIXLR app.

Hopefully tonight I can put up more photos of the game...and the pumpkin patch...and the Arts & Crafts Fair...and Jack turning 7...and...and...and..I think I need a nap just thinking of how far behind we are!


Zoey had an "Ark" party today at preschool, which is sort of a non-scary way to encourage dressing up for Halloween. Everyone had so much fun! Originally Zoey wanted to be a sheep, but she quickly changed her mind to be a "kitty" - a black kitty.

Note: There's a difference between kitty and cat. A cat is older and bigger. A kitty is like a kitten. I know this because she has been begging us for a kitty, even though we already have a cat.

Back to the outfit: I applauded her decision to go feline. Instead of having to attach puffy cotton balls to a t-shirt and pants to resemble a sheep, I just had to BUY a $5 pair of ears and a tail. Yes, yes I think that is easier in general!!

Considering I threw her make-up and hair on her in about 2-3 minutes, I am shocked it doesn't look awful! That sounds bad, but it's true - I didn't wake up as early as I should have. It was 63 in our house, and my bed just felt so very warm!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Growing Kids

The neat part about having kids 23 months apart is that we can do their doctor visits at the same time. Yes, just one of the few bonuses!

Here is their little update:

Jack - 7 years old
Height: 47.5 inches tall (just under 50th percentile)
Weight: 50.5 pounds (just under 50th percentile)

Zoey - 5 years old
Height: 42.1 inches tall (around the 30th percentile)
Weight: 43.8 pounds (around the 60th percentile)

Also, sorry for the pregnant pause with posting. It's been busy here - this is my favorite time of year but also the busiest! Hopefully we can get some past photos posted by this weekend. I wouldn't hold my breath though.