Monday, September 3, 2012

Zoey's 5th Birthday

How did my girl get to be on the verge of turning 5 years old? It just doesn't seem possible.

Similar to last year, it decided to rain. Considering that we needed the rain, we weren't exactly upset. However, much like last year, the rain stopped in time for the party!

The kids were ready to have some fun:

Zoey looooooved her cookie cake!

She did take pictures with her camera, but unfortunately we put it away before it could get lost.

Let the party begin!

We had a wind-filled pizza, apply, and coleslaw meal, which Audrey and Jack used to tell jokes.

Obviously hysterical.

Zoey loved the apples.

At gift time, she was a pro.

This is Pepper, her new best friend! I don't think Pepper has done much today without Zoey.

And Lego Friends...

There were other gifts too, but I didn't want to throw too many gift photos on here.


There's my almost-five-year-old!

Where's Chris?


Oddly enough, that's a huge contract from her first birthday when she didn't even like the frosting:

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