Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First Day of (pre)School!

The day has come! Zoey hasn't  been in preschool for nearly a year after the issues with the last preschool, so we are thrilled to have her so excited for this day.

Seriously - she woke up at 7 AM and didn't stop talking once.

Here's the big grade schooler with the preschooler:

They do love each other!

Ah, Legacy. Our church family and our soon-to-be home away from home (we'll be spending 4 days each week there!)

Tattoos are necessary on the first day of school. But not an under-the-skin tattoo, as Zoey says.


There's some sass in that pose! A side note: she HAD to wear this shift for the first day of school. Grandma Suzie and Papa Don bought it for her a few days before he died, and she felt it was so vital to wear it.

See? More talking.

This year her backpack isn't nearly as full!

Oooo. The big walk to the front door.

Showing off the Legacy entrance...

Grandma Suzie was able to be there! What a lucky girl.

There's Miss Angie.

Zoey's little cubby is at the very end of the hallway thanks to her name beginning with a Z.

Miss Vernessa joined too! These two gals are just fab.

Before we left, we were able to watch their morning routine of songs, Bible verse, etc. Zoey turns 5 tomorrow, making her the oldest in her class. You would never know though - she's also one of the smallest!

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