Sunday, August 26, 2012

A first for Zoey

Zoey's hair is pretty...unique. There are plenty of girls with curly hair, but I've never known anyone who went from this

To this

To this

To this
In about 2 years.

So really, we've been enjoying the curls knowing that anything could happen next.

This year alone she's sported her traditional look:

And we've even started a little French braiding fun:

Cousin Audrey even got in on the fun!

But Zoey has always begged me to pleeeeeeeeeeeeease straighten her hair.  I tend to straighten my hair each morning, so it makes sense. I refuse to use a flat iron on her, primarily because mine has damaged my hair even on a low setting. There is NO way I would do that to her hair!

This evening I took advantage of Trav being home to actually blow out her hair. Now, it's a terrible job of drying her hair, but it produced what she wanted. Plus I think she realized how long and painful it can be, so I doubt she'll be asking again anytime soon.

I could be wrong. Girls will do anything for the sake of beauty!

Walter wasn't too impressed with the new Zoey:

He even walked off. Apparently he was that unimpressed.

But Zoey?

She loved showing it off. For today, I'll her. However, tomorrow we'll go back to the curls!

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