Friday, July 27, 2012

Slumber Party - pool time!

Now, I don't like our pool for many reasons, but considering this could be the hottest July in more than a century, it's been nice to have around.

Tonight we had Audrey spend the night, marking the first slumber party for the kids. We figured that we may as well give it a dry run with family than with random kids from school.

First, the pool. We had fun taking pictures:

Now, I don't have many photos. Audrey didn't move from the steps, Zoey was clinging to me for about 99 percent of the time in the pool and Jack was zooming around faster than I could take shots. Plus it was the evening, meaning my camera wasn't as clear as usual.

See? Audrey's favorite place to me. I had all of the kids at one point kicking against the side of the pool, at which point she informed me that she LOVED the pool. That was great...until we just went right back to the steps. Oh well!

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