Saturday, July 28, 2012

Slumber party - the after

I love slumber parties the day after that night of sleeping on the floor, talking after lights out and general giggling in bed. The memories!

After getting up at 6:30 (geeeeeeeze!!!), we made muffins, ate said muffins and went for a swim. One of the things we did while scrambling to get everyone dressed, packed and ready to go,!

Now, I'm not incredibly versed in hair styles. Most of the time I punt and hope that it looks okay. For a first try at French pigtails on the girls, I'm proud!!

 Aren't they cute?

Zoey's hair was too short to carry down, so made them little puff balls at the end. Cute!

The girls loved checking out there hair.

See? TA DA!!

I think the lack of sleep and fun activities caught up to Audrey.

See? The three amigos on the ride to Christopher's birthday party. Note Audrey's nap! We listened to Dr. Seuss on the way there, and I am proud to say that it has worked once again to keep the car quiet, happy and sleepy.

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