Thursday, July 12, 2012

Our far

This year is already half-way over, so why not look at our year in review?

We went to Hays, Kansas to see some great family:

We took pictures outside on a warm, February day to the Daddy-Daughter Dance.

There are just too many giggles to record!

Oscar party, anyone?

More teeth were lost.

More attitude too.

It was rainy at one point this year!

We were able to celebrate Bethany and Kurt's wedding.

Jack enjoyed the sprinkler WAY earlier than years before.

Easter bunny!

Zoey had another ballet recital!

We enjoyed this beautiful say in April.
 Fishing anyone?

Supermoon, anyone?

Zoey reallllly liked the lemurs.

The girls actually have something in common - tea parties!

More sprinkler fun!

Jack celebrated his last day of school.

Dodge City never knew what hit it after we left!


Baseball fun for Father's Day.

Sometimes my kids DO like each other.

Fun with friends...

Zoey had her own little tea party.

Happy Fourth of July!!

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