Sunday, July 15, 2012

I. Hate. Summer.

I realize fully that by living in Kansas, we take a risk of having weird weather. We can have the summer in the 80s or in the 90s. We can have a winter when it snows 2 inches or 20.

The point -- I'm so ready for summer to be over. Check out this week's forecast.

If you can't digest the image, I'll sum it up for you: HOT. HOT. HOT.

Hot and dry.
Dry and hot.
No rain.
Only heat.
Too hot for rain.

At this point, not even images like this can make it better:

I can only try to remember these winters:

And these wonderful, crisp Autumn days:

I know that the heat has to break at some point, but I'm tired of being in a constant state of stinky sweat. I'm ready to feel cool again.

If we ever say that we have the urge to move to Texas, please...remind me how much I hate this heat!

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