Friday, July 13, 2012

Fourth of July...late

My little sparkler girl help me get everything ready:

Of course we had our holiday pictures!

I have to admit, this is really what summer would be to me if I had to sum it all up in one picture. It's swimming, it's relaxed, it's the sun, and it's watermelon.

Hello, Jack!

Audrey just kept looking at the pool! She couldn't decide if she wanted to go in or just wanted to talk about it.

THIS is what a pool party is about!

Look! Audrey did get in!

Chris loooooved splashing!

Here's my leap girl. She's so brave this year!

Jack can swim now!

Chris loved being thrown into the air (and caught).

Audrey loved staying by Grandma Suzie.

Hey! Don't pull her in!

There was an intense water battle, man.

Jack was thrown across the pool...not as high as some days.

I figured this about be a perfect shot to end the series. The end. The bare ending. Oops! Maybe we aren't quite ready for size 5 yet?

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