Thursday, May 3, 2012

Pre-Easter Fun

Whoa! I'm back!

Who knew...right?  (And yes, I know that Zoey's dance recital videos aren't showing up anymore. I'll be addressing that in the near future)

Anyway, back tracking a bit, here's a trip we took in early April to see the Easter bunny in Crown Center and then track down Easter bunnies on the Plaza.

Of course, I can't lay claim to much more than the photos -  it wasn't my idea (thanks April!) and we didn't go alone. See? I have awesome in-laws!

Anyway, here we were with Mr. Bunny:

And just the girls:
 Now, we went through a free kids area that was pretty cool. However, my flash wouldn't connect so I didn't get many pictures.

What I did get was some of Zoey's new obsession:

Oh look! I did get another picture!
 HI April! Hi Audrey!

Next, we hit the streets a few miles away at the Plaza (in 92 degree heat):

 Hi-ho, hi-ho!

 There was a lot of this:


More photos coming up soon!

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