Tuesday, May 29, 2012

On the road to Dodge City

For Memorial Day weekend, we didn't stay around the house. We didn't lounge in the pool or waste time around the house. No, we trekked to a Bowman family reunion in Dodge City, Kansas!

Now, of course, the moment we left Wichita's metro area, Zoey asked to use the restroom. Rats. We stopped at the first city with grain elevators. It turned out to be a city of 900 with just one gas station.

And for the ladies that meant...a restroom with an outside entrance only. With a key.

Here's the bathroom. I didn't know they made those linen hand dryer things anymore!

Once we were back on the road, we had a pretty smooth trip to Pratt, our first stop. Jack loved his DS.

 And Zoey loved her LeapPad.

See? Road. In western Kansas. We actually had some four-lane highways!

After a pit-stop in Pratt, we continued to Dodge City with a cooler loaded with EXCELLENT beef from Dodge City Beef.

It was 86 degrees at 10:35 AM. Ouch.

We passed through Greensburg too. WOW! You could barely tell that it had been wiped clean just a few years ago.

Look! A picture! Of ME!

Thanks, Z!

Trav was super excited to get there.

After 3 hours of this, I think we were all ready to have some fun!

Jack was super happy with his DS, by the way. Star Wars game, for the win!
 Ah, Dodge City. Yes. Dodge City.

Once we unloaded the perishables, we were ready to join the gang. Yee-haw?! (Pardon Jack's hand. I think he was just pulling on his shirt)

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