Saturday, May 19, 2012

More BUGS ballet

 If you were expecting bugs dancing, you're going to be upset!

Z's ballet recital may have been more than a month ago, but she STILL talks about the "bugs" (her version of Beatles) ballet! You've seen the here's the rest of the story!

Before she was ready to go perform, we tried to take some pictures. Let's just say that things got a litttttttle out of control. Z almost tripped down the stairs and scared herself. Thankfully, Grandma Suzie was there to help!

After a bit, she climbed back onto that stage for pictures.

When the show started, all the little girls came out in their cute little tutus. You really haven't seen a cuter experience! It's very...positive. I love it!

When it was her turn, she went on stage... proud as ever...
 ...and danced her heart out!

 I wanna hold your HAAAAAAAAAAAND (yes, that's the face she made each time)


 At the end there was a group dance, and I applaud the leadership for coordinating another great show!!

We had prayers before eating.

And then it was...FLOWER TIME! She was showered in flowers, praise and love from our family and friends.

She was so happy!

Each flower was given a special place in a vase!

Thanks to everyone for making it possible!

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