Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Disconnecting and unplugged

After the church carnival, we did something crazy. In reality, just going to the carnival would have made for a bigger-than-normal day.

And then we threw in a trip to the country.

We rolled out of town into the Flint Hills and spent the afternoon at the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve. It's about 13 miles west of Emporia, or about a 90 minute drive for us.

It was beautiful though:

I don't think we could have asked for a better day. It was beautifully cool and breezy, with a bright blue sky. We started walking, though now we know that this wasn't the path to take. Now we know!

Zoey even let us put her into shorts! She loved catching up to Jack.


What you don't see: cars, noise, cell phones, a busy schedule.

It was just us...and nature.

We went at our own pace, covering about 1.5 miles in about an hour.

We often left the path to chase butterflies!

Honestly, it was quite the trek.

That last part? Brutal!

This actually an accidental shot, but I loved it. Kansas sky!!

Zoey wasn't in the best moods, so not many happy pictures while we were out there.

That's okay though - Trav was great in making sure everyone enjoyed themselves.


The road back...it only took us 30 minutes to go down.

We didn't see many animals, but we did catch this predatory bird!

This is Ranger, the horse.

Zoey wanted to go see Ranger.

And Ranger? No interest at all.

When we arrived back at the homestead, we were tired:

We read the map last...oops.

 Okay, this was a barn cat who didn't want to be messed with.
 But then again, 2 minutes later, he was snoozing happily in the barn.

While the boys were looking at an old house, Z and I annoyed the cat above. And took pictures:

And look! They had pins!
 Happy girl.
 Happy boy.

And a nice splat of bird poop to end the unplugged trip:

Oh, and Z wanted me to post this to show you her incredible butterfly hunting powers. She would catch them without a second thought.

After walking for nearly 2 hours, we hopped over to Braums in Emporia to enjoy ice cream.

If you ever have an afternoon to kill, try going there. It's worth the trip! Just be sure to pack extra water and sunscreen!

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