Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Road trippin'

Let's go back in time to..January. When we planned this with the CO crew, we all agreed that it was 100 percent dependent on the weather. I mean, we do get snow. Right? 


Well, no snow this time around. But we did have a great time! First, a museum: 

 Next, pool time! And a note about the photo quality:

1. It's a pool. Lighting stinks.
2. To accommodate the low-light, I bumped the ISO up to like 1600.
3. Capturing people on the slide required lightning fast reflexes that I lack.

 We also opened Christmas gifts...

 And chased each other around.

 I call this piece of work, "Pregnant Daddy." Doesn't that just look like she's feeling his "belly"?
 Finally, our time to depart had come. We enjoyed ice cream (and sandwiches/burgers):

 And then we said our good-bye's.

 Our way home was quiet.

 Hi, Travel Buddies!
 Wind energy. Awesome.
 Here's our license plate bingo. Note: NO IOWA!!! We finally tagged Iowa like 30 minutes from home. Go figure!

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Anonymous said...

I loved our time together and looking at these pics :) Can't wait for Memorial Weekend!!!